We asked for Roser’s help when our rescue pup of two years suddenly began to refuse to come back on the lead in the park. He wasn’t running away, he was always *just* out of reach and would simply scamper away if we tried to catch him. We went to Roser when one morning we couldn’t catch him for 2.5 hours, even with the help of other dog walker friends and no end of treats. It was infuriating, my husband and I felt miserable and we thought we needed to retrain HIM. Over the course of just a couple of sessions, Roser helped us see that actually it was our own behaviours we needed to change! She showed us how consistent park ‘play time’ with throwing and tugging toys, lots of positive reinforcement and reward with special treats put the focus and fun back on us as owners and our bond with Hank is so much stronger now. He’s loving his time off lead, coming back like a champ and we are all so much happier. Roser is super knowledgable about animals and we would really recommend working with her!