I always believed that relationships based on fear are not healthy

Either among humans or between humans and other species. This is why when I started training different types of animals I realised that punishment wasn’t the right path to follow. My working technique consists in reinforcing prizes and games to the behaviour I want to improve and ignoring the bad habits I want to avoid.

When I started using this method I noticed the relationship between owners and dogs was much better. The focus betwen them was much greater than the one gained by applying traditional training techniques.

In my sessions, the involvement of the entire family is very important if you want a positive result, meaning I will give them tips and advice on how to increase the focus and work on the relationship between the dog and all the members of the family. I will teach them how to train different types of conduct and how to act in order to correct unwanted behaviour in their dogs.

Roser Sarrà Márquez

Trainer of assistance dogs Professional Trainer Diploma in Animal-Assisted Therapy