Thanks to our work in different zoos, working not only with big animals, but also with a wide range of different pets, we can offer all our experience to solve any type of problems  that have to do with the pet you have chosen. Independently of the pet we have, cohabitation if fundamental and it will make us enjoy a lot more our life together.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about any doubt or necessity you might have, whether it is about your cat, rabbit, ferret, bird, etc.


£65 for session

The price is only for the areas we have mentioned below. If you don’t live in these areas, but are interested in our program, the price will depend on how far we have to travel (in terms of time and distance).

Areas Covered

Areas Covered
  • Willesden Green
  • Kilburn
  • Queen’s Park
  • West Hampstead
  • Hampstead Heath
  • Cricklewood
  • Dollis Hill